Pearce Alarm Services would like to provide solutions for some recurring customer problems:

1-TEST- Constantly test your system as problems can remain hidden. Testing involves the following steps:

1- Call Central Alarm Control 305-238-0800 to put your system on test.
2- Arm your system.
3- After a minute, open a door or window, preferably a different door or window
each time.
4- Let the alarm sirens go off for about 30 seconds.
5- Call Central Alarm Control to verify that they received the signal
corresponding to the zone you activated. If you have a backup radio, make sure
both signals were received.
If any of these steps fail, please call us to schedule a service call.

2-Construction/Attic Work - If you have workmen in your house and especially the attic, check for your ready light before they leave.

3- Alarm Registration - The county and almost all municipalities have alarm registration ordinances. If you are unsure of your status, please contact your government authority. A constant necessity is our state license number which is EG0000153.

4- Emergency Shut Down - If an after hour problem arises and the alarm can't be quieted, the system can be powered down by removing the transformer from the electrical outlet (usually screwed in) and removing either the black or red wire from the battery located inside the control panel in the closet. If you lose telephone service there is a 1.25" square beige box inside the control panel. Unplug the grey telephone cord to see if the alarm was causing your telephone problem.

5- Watch Alert – Watch Alert was a discontinued backup service provided by Bell South. Please inspect your phone bill to make sure you are not still paying for the discontinued service.

6- Cell Radio Backup – One of the reasons that Watch Alert was discontinued was the technology of Cell Radio Backup systems. The 1st generation radios are still operational. The 2nd generation radios were true cell radio signals and the service has been discontinued. We currently offer two types of radio systems. One is the digital replacement cell radio and the other is an internal network. If you are interested in either, please call to discuss which one would be better for your application. The radio system has also been popular for customers with no phone line.

7- VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol is the technical term for internet telephone. Many customers have changed their phone service to a VIOP service like AT&T U-verse, Comcast, and Vonage. Most alarm services worked, with a small adjustment. Magic Jack is the only service that is not compatible with alarm systems. Is it is important to test your alarm frequently with these types of services because the service provider could, without your knowledge, install a firmware update that may disable your alarm from communicating.

8- Household Cell Phone @ Home – Many cell phone carriers are offering devices that allow you to use your cell phone as your house phone. This type of phone service is not compatible with alarm systems.

9- Insurance Certificates – Pearce Alarm Services is happy to provide you with an insurance certificate for your insurance company. This could take 7 to 10 days to forward the correct information.

In Case of Alarm Malfunction and loss of Phone Line!

Alarm Malfunction: If your alarm malfunctions for any reason you can stop it by unplugging all power to the alarm. The alarm has 2 types of power and they both need to be unplugged in order to silence a malfunctioning alarm. The first device to unplug is the AC transformer. It is a small box plugged into a wall plug and is usually ivory, black, or white. You will need a small screwdriver to unscrew the AC transformer from the wall plug. The AC transformer for your Alarm System is located:_____________________


The next device is the backup battery. The backup battery is located in the master control panel. The master control panel can be opened with a key (if it is not in the lock, it is usually located on top of the panel) or a screw in the side of the door. The backup battery is plugged in with a red and a black wire that attaches on the top of the battery. Alarm batteries are usually square (about 4" X 4") or rectangular (about 7"X 4") and could be orange, gray, black, or green. To unplug the battery, just wiggle one of the wires and it will slide off the terminal. Your control panel is located __________________________


After at least 5 minutes you can try to reapply power by plugging in the AC transformer and battery in the same order you unplugged them. If the alarm immediately goes back into a malfunctioning state, unplug and call Pearce Alarm Services, Inc. 305-665-1309.

Loss of Phone Line: If you discover your phone line dead or without a dial tone, you can unplug the alarm telephone jack, located in the alarm control panel, to confirm the alarm is or is not causing your phone problem. If you unplug the alarm telephone jack and the phone line dial tone is restored, call Pearce Alarm Services 305-665-1309. The phone line is a small ivory box (about 2" X 2") that has a phone cord connected to the alarm control panel.



      Alarm Association of Florida